Man or Machine?


This movie was under wraps for years but we knew it was coming! The final showdown between Man and Machine was finally released on May 6, 2016. Who side were you on? In Civil War we see Captain and Iron Man have many disagreements causing them to drift apart, and form two separate teams. Captain believes that the Avengers should keep their identity a secret to protect their loved ones, but Iron Man thinks they’ve made many appearances so why not just reveal themselves to everyone. The major fight scene comes towards the middle of the movie, but this is only when the other heroes fight not Cap and Iron Man. Further along in the movie is the fight scene between Cap and the Winter Solider vs. Iron. This climatic scene shows how brotherhood can overpower hatred. Captain and The Winter Solider walk away badly  beat up but Iron Man is left laying there in his broken suit which no longer has power because of the fight. As the movie wraps


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